Probate Process

Once it is established that you need to complete Probate, what is the process?

The process is very simple with eight steps.

Probate Journey

1. Our initial telephone call is to establish how to proceed with your probate case. Also to establish a fixed price quote, along with providing you with an accurate estimate of how much Inheritance Tax if any the Estate is liable for.

2. We confirm by email to the prospective client our fixed price quote, along with our estimate of the Estate Inheritance Tax liability.

3. Once the email quote in section 2 above is accepted by the client, we provide a service contract. This details all the services we will be providing, the estimated time scales for completion of the Inheritance Tax situation and our terms and conditions relating to the contract.

4. With regards to information gathering, this is often done by a telephone call or Zoom meeting. Our experienced specialists will know what questions are relevant to your probate matter. If some information is missing or unavailable at the time, an email address will be provided. This will be with your case number so that any information can be added to your file later.

5. We then complete all the relevant Inheritance Tax forms and post them to HMRC by registered next day business post. This provides us with a start date of when the delivery was made and therefore the queuing position in the HMRC process. We send our client an email confirming that the forms are completed and what we believe is the Estate Inheritance Tax position.

6. Once we have received correspondence from HMRC about the Estate position in relation to Inheritance Tax. We will provide a courier service to pick up the Will and any related document bundle, which will be required by the Probate Registry/Court.

7. Once we have received the Will and bundle, we will prepare it and submit the Estate to the Probate Registry.

8. Once we have received the Grant of Probate or the Estate, we send the grant and any further copies that you have ordered by registered next day business post and our service will be completed.      

What is your probate pricing structure?

We always use a fixed price structure for all probate cases. You will not have to pay a percentage of the total value of the Estate or pay an hourly rate when you use our Probate Services. This will save you thousands of pounds compared to Probate Solicitors.

How many forms are there to complete?

There are a total of 23 probate forms to deal with for Inheritance Tax. These are very complex forms that cross-reference each other. An example is form IHT400 which consists of 16 pages and well over 100 questions. It connects to almost every other form required. There are over 90 pages of help files to complete this form alone. However, if you use our services we conduct a simple questionnaire taking about 15 to 30 minutes or alternatively we have one simple form with a total of 41 questions which is the basis for completing all the inheritance tax forms which also takes between 15 minutes to 30 minutes to complete. From there we complete all the required forms based upon the questions you answered and any relevant investigations that are required. 

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