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Animals are a soft spot for me. I love animals since the day I was born.  Dogs and Cats I love them both. When I’m in the office I like to watch animal programs. If I’m not doing that I get bored easily and go to sleep. Lunch time is fun though as I get lots of treats off the staff who may be willing  participant’s or not. Pictures are of some of my favourite friends. 

Here I am, Otis Jameson is the name, and tennis ball chasing is the game.

Have you guessed what bread I am? OK here is the secret revealed. My daddy was told I was pure Jack Russell Terrier and he paid a lot of money for me. As I grew though both my mummy and daddy realised that there was something quite odd and the DNA test revealed that I have Jack Russell Terrier, Bichon Frise, Springer Spaniel and even German Shepheard bloodlines.

Both my parents love me dearly, along with my family brothers and sisters. Lucy (Rescue Cross Bread) Rescued from a lady dying of cancer who could not look after her anymore.  Lucy is bossy and is the biggest dog in our family. 

Next is my older sister Bronte, she was recused from Greece where she had been chained up and neglected all her life until my parents rescued her and brought her back to the UK. 

Next is Reuben, he was from Romania, Reuben is scared of children because he was hung by the neck and left for dead. His head swollen up to 2 times the size it was supposed to be. Getting Reuben to the UK meant that my mummy and daddy could give him the medical treatments that he deserved and a nice life here in the UK. Reuben is one of my barking buddy’s We love nothing more than barking at the postman, hoping we scare him a little. 

Finally there is Iggy, he is another rescue dog from Greece. Iggy has a disease (not contagious) that will shorten his life considerably. My parents decided that he  needed a comfortable life and the best in medical care. Iggy is also a barking partner. 

My parents, Claire my mummy is great, she takes us on lots of walks, gives us lots of treats and tidies up after us.  Thanks mum.

Daddy, Stephen. I met him at 12 weeks of age. My initial thoughts were he is big and scary. I cried for the whole 200 plus mile trip back home. I however soon realised that Daddy was my true love and I am never more than 5 feet away from him. I watch him like a hawk and I follow him everywhere I don’t like it much when he leaves the house and doesn’t take me. However I am not so good in our cars but I will protect it and my daddy with all my life if you come near it. Most people just back away. Other than the car and the house most people who meet me fall in love with me.

My daddy is also not allowed to cover his face, I will pull anything off that covers his face. I have to be in eye contact even if he is asleep.  I figured out that my daddy is a big softie. I get away with anything with daddy and I love him more than anything in the world. I am glad that I didn’t have to be rescued to be in this loving, caring family.  

Want a play date?  My favourite place is Greenham Common where I meet up with lots of my friends.

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