Trust Payment Request

Trust Payment Request
If you would like to send us a message please use this section but it is not a requirement.

Before using the trust payment request first check to see if the trust is lodged with us. 

Fill out the form to request a payment from the trust. 

The information will be checked against our records.

The trust reference number would have been provided to you on correspondence. If you do not have the trust reference number please contact us on 0808 188 9008 for assitance. 

If there is a party, such as an executor we will contact the executor to authorise the payment.

If the trust has adequate funds to cover your request.

Small payments will be made directly to your bank account. 

Large payments of £10,000 or more will be made by cashiers cheque directly to the beneficiary, these will be posted by Royal Mail special delivery services. You will need to sign to say that you have received the payment. 

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