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Applying for probate can be a Stressfull and Exhausting task, but our specialists are here to make it feel simple. In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about going through probate and dealing with someone’s estate.

Once it is established that you need to complete Probate, what is the process?

Day One

Day One

Initial telephone call which introduces the probate specialist that will deal with your case. He/she will ask you a few questions to ascertain your position and also gather enough information to give a fixed quote and also let you know what information will be needed for the next stage. Payment of fees will be completed over the phone.  Disbursements and any fees over £1,000 will be charged later.

Day One

Within 24 hours

Letters of Engagement (Agreement)

We will provide you letters of engagement (agreement), usually sent for e-signature via ADOBE sign or another platform (Post also available). Which you can read and if you agree, sign and return it to us. E-signing a document is very simple and straightforward and it can be completed in minutes. We will also send a letter to you be recorded delivery, if we require documents such as a Will. inside there is a pre-paid Special Delivery envelope that can used to send us any documents that we have requested.

Within 24 hours

Booked telephone call

Booked Appointment

Once you have gathered the information that we require we can book a questionnaire call. This is a simple telephone call, which usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes. We gather all the information to progress to filing of the income tax and inheritance tax forms and other information that we will need for the Probate Registry.

Booked telephone call

Within 5 business days

HMRC Form Completion

We will complete our analysis of your position in relation to income tax liabilities and also inheritance tax liabilities. This includes completion of all Inheritance Tax forms. We will notify you of your tax position. We can make changes at this point. We will then send IHT400 to you for signing. Once signed we will send all IHT forms and supporting documents to  HMRC  via registered post.

Within 5 business days

Once HMRC Responds

HMRC Response

HMRC responds to your income tax and inheritance tax (IHT) case, we will check this over in detail and notify you of the HMRC position. If they require further information, we will ask you for this (Up to 99% of the time we will not need to come back to you for any further information) and the letter sent to us from HMRC is a IHT421 release which is used for the probate registry. 


Once HMRC Responds

Within 1 business days of HMRC response

Probate Registry Submission

We will submit your case via our online portal to the Probate Registry and will obtain a case reference number with a legal statement that you have to sign preferably by e-signature.

Within 1 business days of HMRC response

Within 1 business day of signing legal statement

Documents To Probate Registry

We will send all documents including the will if there is one to the Probate Registry by Special Devery. 

Within 1 business day of signing legal statement

Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service (HMCTS) response

Grant of Probate

Once we have received your grant of probate from the registry, we will notify you and post the original and any copies that you may have ordered from us.  We will do this via registered post services.

Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service (HMCTS) response

Postal of Grants to You

We will send the grants that we receive from the Probate Registry to you by registered post. 

You can call free on 0808 188 9008 or you can call us on 0207 965 7568 for the London area (Local charges apply) or alternatively call 01380 718199  (Local charges apply).

You can also fax us on 0844 884 8509. at 11p and up per minute from a fax machine.

Correct as of 1-1-2021

Please note: do not call the fax number from a mobile phone as you will be charged 50p per minute and you will not be able to speak to anyone.

Probate Specialist Limited, 5th Floor, 167-169 Great Portland Street, Marylebone London, W1W 5PF

Probate Specialist Limited 126, High Street , Marlborough SN8 1LZ

For general email purposes, you can email 

You can also email your specialist directly on,

Please note: specialistname refers directly to the name of your specialist. You can find further information on the name of your specialist on the about us page. 

Probate Specialist Limited, The Office, 21 Ferozeshah Road, Devizes, Wiltshire SN10 2JQ

Company Number: 13015149

ICO Reg Number ZA807624

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