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Most of the laws in the UK are very old and the systems that support them are dated by decades. Probate Specialist Limited started on the back of forward-thinking founder Stephen Jameson with the full support of his wife.

Stephen say’s “when I lost my mother, I was left with two choices, choice one was to pay solicitors to do probate for me. This would have cost the estate thousands of pounds. Choice two was to do it myself as an executor, I chose option two. It was long and painstaking taking over a week of dedicated time and all simply because the system is so out of date. It was stressful and upsetting completing probate with repeated questions such as. Provide The deceased’s date of death”.

“Probate Specialist Ltd was 11 years in the making, from first realising how information technology could streamline the process, thus avoiding high costs and client stress and worry.” “We believe we have the most efficient software systems making it as simple as possible for a client”

“There is nothing more satisfying than helping someone in need.”

MEET The Crew

Our Specialist Team

We're a diverse family here in the office. It's that individuality that makes us a great team. It's also that individuality that sparks some grand debates on the important subjects of literature, cinema and where to go for lunch:

Now that you've gotten to know us a little better, why don't you see what we're really all about: providing you services that you may not want but are a necessity, Using our systems and know how, will streamline your case, for example Inheritance Tax matters can be files with HMRC in less than a week.

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