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Probate Specialist Ltd through its partner is CURRENTLY  no longer offering probate lending products to new customers. They continue to work hard to deliver a great service to their existing borrowers.

If the executor of a will has chosen Probate Specialist Ltd to deal with the estates’ probate, as a beneficiary, you will automatically be able to apply for an Inheritance Advance. Or if you are an executor & beneficiary likewise you can apply. The only condition is to be able to apply is that probate must be done either by us or by another profesional probate company. 


The Facts.

Key Details


Transparent Clear Probate Services.

We offer clear easy to understand transparent Probate Services. 


Once you are our client, you can book your probate questionnaire call for an appointment at your convenience from 7am-11pm weekdays and 9am – 5pm weekends. (Calls take approximately 15 minutes).

Following a questionnaire call, we will submit the Income-tax return and Inheritance Tax (IHT) forms to HMRC within 5 business days. Processing time at HMRC can be as low as 14 days however this is not guaranteed.


How do we compare to solicitor fees on the high street?

On average, it costs about £2,700 to deal with someone’s estate in the UK. By using our grant only service and sorting out the estate admin yourself, you can save as much as 80% in unnecessary solicitor fees.

Here are the top three ways we help you save money:

Fixed Fee Quote

We don’t believe in charging on an hourly or percentage basis, so we always offer a fixed-fee quote upfront. This helps make sure there are no hidden costs or surprises to our clients during your probate application.

Transparent Service

Probate fees are often higher on the high street because people end up being sold full estate administration. We offer this service too, but we understand that most people just need help getting the grant.

Case Management

Our probate specialists handle everything over the phone for you and deal with all the paperwork on your behalf. This means there’s no need to travel to your local probate registry to swear an oath.

Our Team Are Ready! 7 Days A Week

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We are so transparent on prices, we now offer a new webshop where you can look through the different packages in your own time whilst relaxing at home. Avoid all the stress of going from company to company having to fill out numerous forms and then getting spammed with emails and receiving numerous phone calls just to get a price. 


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