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Grant Only Probate & IHT

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Probate Full Administration

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Prepaid Probate Plan's

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Probate Specialist ®

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 Probate from only £575

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Navigate the complexities of probate with our specialist probate team. Our friendly experts will work on your case to obtain a certified grant of probate and calculate any income or inheritance tax liabilities where appropriate. Our probate service starts at just £575 for simple estates below £325,000 in value.

Our friendly staff are specialists in probate, estate administration, inheritance tax, power of attorney, wills and other related services such as inheritance advance and probate genealogy.

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UK's leading team of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers.

National coverage throughout England & Wales.

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Probate starting at £575

What you can expect from us
Fixed Fee Prices including VAT We pride ourselves on providing professional services at competitive fixed rates with no hidden extras.

Grant Only Probate

Transparent fully inclusive prices what you see is what you pay. we offer a 5- business day submission for inheritance tax. and a 2 -business day submission to the probate registry.

Full Estate Administration

Dealing with full estate administration on the behalf of executors/administrators is far more complicated and time-consuming than just the grant-only service that we offer. But it gives you more freedom to get on with your life. safe in the knowledge everything is being dealt with.

Contentious probate

Contentious probate is a dispute relating to the administration of a deceased person’s estate. It is also known as a “Will dispute” as it disputes the validity or the interpretation of what is believed to be the deceased’s last will.

Prepaid Probate Plans

If you are 55 years or older, why not remove the stress from your loved ones at a time when they are grieving?  It will make you feel good that you have planned and prepared in advance giving peace of mind to your family.

*Includes a free custom will. 


IHT forms are complex and confusing, but if you just want us to complete these for you and you apply for the Probate yourself. This is the most cost-effective way.

Not sure what Probate is? Read our easy-to-understand guides.



How do we compare to solicitor fees on the high street?

On average, it costs about £2,700 to deal with someone’s estate in the UK. But by using our grant only service and sorting out the estate admin yourself, you can save as much as 80% in unnecessary solicitor fees.

Here are the top three ways we help you save money:

Fixed Fee Quote

We don’t believe in charging on an hourly or percentage basis, so we always offer a fixed-fee quote upfront. This helps make sure there are no hidden costs or surprises to our clients during your probate application.

Transparent Service

Probate fees are often higher on the high street because people end up being sold full estate administration. We offer this service too, but we understand that most people just need help getting the grant.

Case Management

Our probate specialists handle everything over the phone for you and deal with all the paperwork on your behalf. This means there’s no need to travel to your local probate registry to swear an oath.

Power of attorney

We will complete on your behalf both financial power of attorney and health & welfare.  Completed from the comfort of your own home. All power of attorney are fully checked by solicitors and include all fees.

Wills & Trusts

All of our wills are fully witnessed by us. Simple video conference means no more visits to solicitors’ offices. Our solicitors will ensure your will is legally binding. 


We undertake all types of conveyancing. such as transferring property following a death. Or simply because you are moving home. 

Inheritance Advance

We all know how long it takes to get through probate. Do you need some of your inheritance now? We have teamed up with Tower Street Finance to offer beneficiaries the chance to get up to 60% of their inheritance now. 

IHT Loan

If you are having problems getting your grant of probate we have the solution with an IHT Loan. This is available for executors or administrators who we are providing probate services to. 


Vacant property insurance that is flexible, easy to set up (no quote process or lengthy forms, just a phone call) and without the need for mandatory inspections.

Maintaining Property

Services to ensure a property is protected, maintained, and, at the right time, in the best condition for sale. From insurance to refurbishment, document search to the valuation of chattels we can help.

Prepaid Probate Plans

Planning your future has so many benefits and no disadvantages. Let us guide you through it today.

There are many benefits of taking out a prepaid probate and estate administration package, mainly the clarification and peace of mind it gives you and your family. regarding the overall costs and process of administering your estate.


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